Looking for Michigan HML


I’ve been self-employed for about 8 years and about the last year I decided to pursue some real estate investing once I was comfortable with my knowledge.

I’m not looking to rehab properties, unless its minor cosmetic. I intend on wholesaling or flipping the contract to a rehabber, take my money and run.

I would like to have access to a HML, or at least a pre-qual letter to back-up my offers if necessary. If I can show a realtor or distressed homeowner I can pay cash and close in 30 days I’m golden and I have a much better chance of closing a deal at 70% OR LESS of the ARV.

What requirements are necessary to get a pre-approval letter from a HML? What are the terms?

Talk to me, I’m ready to roll as soon as I know which end is up.

Thanks for your time

what state are you in

Read the subject line…

I offer several HMLs; please contact me to discuss further.

Here is a couple of links to some of the programs I offer:


Where in Michigan are you? I’m in the sanilac, st clair county area and am looking for wholesale deals especially rehabs.



I am in mid-Mich, Lansing-Jackson area. I know of investors who wholesale many properties around your neck-of-the-woods over there by Tigertown.
PM me and tell me your interests, range, area, how soon you can close , how soon your looking to buy, experience, etc and I’ll pass on the info to them and you can get plugged in w/ them, and who knows, maybe find what your looking for.