looking for material

Ive been looking for a good informational book to read on birddogging . Any suggestions would be very helpful. Hardcover or paperback prefered because Im making an REI library. Thanks in advance…Housebuyer…

I checked out Amazon and didn’t get any results on bird dogging specifically, but googling → bird dogging ebook ← came up with some great results…more than just what is below (those were the top 3 results)

Here’s one for $47

One for $147 (way too expensive in my opinion)

Here’s another from a fellow moderator on this board (John Cash Locke)

There is also a list of books here on the site http://www.reiclub.com/real-estate-investing-books.php

Thanks guys for the generous input. Ill check all of that out…Housebuyer1…