Looking for Lenders that don't require seasoning

I am really struggling to find Lenders that will allow seasoning on less than 12 months…

Any suggestions would be great as I have several deals that my Relo Company needs to get done with great Borrowers - just not the seasoning in the property…

Thanks for any advice

There are not many, but some allow only 6 months.

Depending on your Doc Type you should be able to get a refinance with no seasoning up to 75% LTV.
Good Luck

Here are a few:

GreenPoint Mortgage big on the west coast
Impac Funding

Hope that helps.

Try www.scotsmanguide.com

Finance America
Indy Mac

Try Americorp.
72 Hrs Seasoning. Owner Occupied, Non Owner Occupied,
Second Home.
Will even do Stated on NOO.
Sorry no Number. Due Dilligence advised.

We have plenty of lenders that do not require any property seasoning.

Did you have any luck mortgagegal?