looking for lender

I have a property that was transfered from my brother to me via a quitclaim deed process. I am refinancing the loan into my name. Unfortunately the realtor forgot to take the house off the market prior to the change of title. Now I can’t get any lender to refinance because they say I had title before the house was off the market and it is illegal for them to refinance under the circumstances and I have to wait 6-8 months. The realtor has written a letter explaining his mistake but I can’t get any lender to do the deal. I am looking for any lender that would be comfortable doing this deal-I have good credit and good salary-

Washington Mutual will do the loan for you as long as it is currently off the market.

Wamu is the answer

There are many more that will refinance as long as the house has been off the MLS for => 1 day; World Savings, Bank United, US Bank, Pac Res, CW, GMAC and resMAE to name a few…