looking for lender to combine 3 properties into 1 loan

hi i have 3 investment properties in reno, nv with 1st and 2nd mortgages. i’d like to combine them into 1 loan.

mortgages are address specific. unless you are looking at some other type of loan, other than mortgage, it is not possible to combine loans.

Are you looking to combine all 3 properties into 1 loan, or do you want to refi each property and have just one loan instead of a 1st and 2nd?

i’d like to have all 3 properties in one loan if that is possible

This is called a blanket mortgage. It’s usually used by commercial developers, but can be used in residential as well. It’s one loan for multiple properties owned by the same buyer.

You can check with a commercial/investment lender for details. A regular lender may not be familiar with it.

You can get the blanket loan but there is a downside to them. When it comes time to sell the properties, you need to sell all three as a package. You can not just sell one and keep the profits since your loan will include all 3 homes.

Now there was a time I think where the banks allowed you to sell one at a time but still all profits went to the loan, not to you till the loan was paid in full…

So I must ask… Why do you want to put all the homes together??

You will need to weigh the convenience of a simplified loan process (unifying more then one property in one loan) and faster disbursements (it takes longer to close three loans then it does one) that a blanket loan/mortgage offers over financing these properties seperately.

Aside from needing to consider simultaneous closings, expect to pay a higher rate (these loans are difficult to sell to Wall St/the secondary market).

Are you intending to purchase these properties via a LLC or S/C-Corp.?

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


i planned to refinance them thru an llc that i’ve established, i appreciate all the info. i didn’t realize the difficulty i would have if i wanted to sell one, one of the reasons for wnating the blanket mortgage was to get a better loan for the propeties i plan on keeping for longterm.

is there any way i could refinance the properties individually and transfer the deed to the llc?

If your LLC is new, you will still be refi in your name, using your credit and just placing them into your LLC afterwards. This is something you can do now, just goto the courthouse and get the neccessary paperwork to QCD the properties to your LLC.

LLC’s are tough for lending. Banks will want a guarentee so it will still be tied to you personally since LLC have not legal responsibilities plus your corp needs to be at least 2yrs before it can buy REI using just the corp as the guarentor…