Looking for Lease Option Partner(s)

Where is the best place to look for persons interested in partnering on lease option deals?

I have talked with numerous homeowners that a lease option would probably work well (They have their house for sale and for rent, but would prefer to sell and not be a landlord). I am just not comfortable with the whole process. Not sure of the correct paperwork to use, not sure how to qualify buyers, etc. I have seen a lot of mentoring programs which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, but I am really looking for a partner to work with. Maybe I am not looking at it correctly, but I would prefer to partner with someone and build a long term relationship instead of just doing a couple of deals together.

I am in NC but I have heard of a lot of people doing deals nationwide.

I may be the right person to partner with :beer Im a licensed agent and investor who had done several deals and more to come. There are different ways to make money on this deal not only on lease options but you can also assign to an end buyer for a fee and no more headaches. Yes, most sellers do not like this idea because of the landlord thing and want to avoid any future headaches, but again you can always offer the owner finance where you can assign the deal to an end buyer for a fee. Oh well my friend, it’s all about contracts and yes this is why very expensive to pay other gurus out there. Send me an e-mail and perhaps we can talk about partnership.