Looking for investors

I am looking for investors to work with on 3 properties. 1 property is in foreclosure 2 properties are in pre foreclosure which the owners are deceased I am looking for seasoned investors only.

Important things we need to know:

What is opening bids for each property.

What is current value of each property.

What is the rehab/recondition/fixup for each property.

Where are the properties.

Are you looking foe invetors partners or investors for $$$.

What would be the return for an investor.

What is resale value of each property when up for sale.

Are they to be resold or rentalls or holders for speculation.

What is resale time for market area of the properties.

Just some few things investors need to know to be interested.


Some other good questions would be what has been done to settle probate for the two properties with deceased owners?

What is your background and history with real estate? How quickly do you need investors? Is investor interests secured by trust deed?

What is the exit strategy? Is this a passive investment or are you looking for active investors?


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if you dont mind where is the location and how much is the property?

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