Looking For Investors 500% Return

We Invest in insureds who have a terminal illness.

We purchase life insurance policies from persons who have a life
expectancy of a few weeks to a few months at 20 cents on the dollar.

We become the beneficiaries.

We then either cash out the life policy and or obtain loans against them
or collect upon maturity.

Right now we are looking for an investor partner to partner in on a
transaction of a 3 million dollar policy, split between 3 partners or a 5
million dollar policy.

An Investment of $50,000.00 will yield 2 million in a few weeks to a few months at most.

(The rate of return is determined by the mortality and or morbidity of the insured, in some cases if the insured lives for another year or two this may influence the rate of return)

Hehe. . .now this is entertaining. A locally famous and powerful attorney here in Fort Lauderdale ran the same scam. A crook by the name of Scott Rothstein, he stole $1.2 billion.
He’s doing 50 years in an undisclosed location. Please say hello from me when you join him. SMH. . .


 If your lucky you'll become famous and they will feature your story on "American Greed"!

You obviously did not do your homework before starting to work this scam!


If I invest with you, can I kill the insured to increase the rate of return?

I always disclose the risk, there is risk, the risk the insured will outlive…of course there is risk. The only guarantee is death and taxes right? This is clearly a investment that is high risk, high reward.

If I invest with you, can I kill the insured to increase the rate of return?

:doh Now that’s thinking outside the box!! :beer


 Actually seriously Chris you may want to go see what happened with this very topic and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) involving this exact topic and type of investment! It seems to me it was deemed to be fraudulent because you can not quantitate the life expectancy of a person carrying life insurance and the way funds were handled on behalf of investors and life insurance holders / beneficiaries. 

There have been a lot of people go to both federal and state prisons regarding this exact topic. Don’t get stupid on us!

Of course if your cute you could have a new relationship experience with a cell mate named bubba!


Yes, putting someone inside a box is definitely thinking outside the box.

So what you are saying is that all people who invest and participate in life settlements are scams?

Help!!! Arrest me officer!!! i have fallen and cant get up!!! im guilty of my profession in life settlements however i have known real estate brokers and mortgage brokers who are very innocent in charging normal hard working people points on everything they can find and even putting them in situations where they loose their house!!! arrest me for my sins!!!


 Earlier this year, a company called Life Partners declared bankruptcy. They had a pretty simple business model: they brought together investors and dying people in need of cash. The investors put up some money and paid the life insurance premiums, collecting the insurance payout when the person eventually dies. This business model doesn’t work out for the investor, though, when the insured person lives longer than anticipated. 

While the invention of advanced anti-retroviral drug cocktails to control HIV has been a good thing for humanity overall, it was not a good thing for the life settlements business. That’s the business of buying out life insurance policies so a terminally ill person has some cash to live on: people also call them “death bonds.”

The business isn’t inherently evil, but it becomes evil when a company deliberately under-estimates how long a person can be expected to live for the purpose of calculating their cash payout and when selling potential investors on the idea. Life partners brought together people to own shares of a dying person’s policy, telling them what the anticipated payout would be and how long the person was expected to live. The problem? The patients didn’t die.

From a human point of view, that’s great news. From the point of view of an investor stuck paying the person’s life insurance premiums, that’s a disaster. Life Partners sold shares of life insurance policies to individual investors and to asset managers, but a federal jury found the company guilty by of deliberately under-estimating how long insured people would live.

Life Partners filed for bankruptcy after it was ordered to pay a judgement of $46 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but what complicates liquidating the company is that investments are tied up in the life insurance policies of people who still haven’t died.

Bloomberg uses the example of one woman who bought a share of a policy in 2001. She put up $25,000, and the man was expected to die within 18 months. When his life insurance paid out, she would receive $30,000. The man hasn’t yet died, and her share of his life insurance premiums in the interim has been $8,000. This turned out to be a poor investment.

                 Gold River

Viatical Settlements are a legitimate business which became famous during the aids epidemic…this, however, is not the venue to advertise for investors and this is now a highly regulated industry through the insurance commission and secretary of state’s office. I would be skeptical of such an offer on this forum.

Hope this helps.


keep away from irvington nj tax sale

​Me and my wife have been buying certificates at the tax sale in Irvington NJ for quite some time, and its just been a nightmare i just had enough.

Irvington twp receives the check from the property owner but they play games on and on about this delay and this delay, it missed this meeting so it will go on the next meeting, someone forgot to put it on that meeting so it will go on the following meeting. then it finally does so you will get your check in a few days right? no! the finance office did not cut the checks yet because someone is out of town, when will he be back next week, ok so i wait again he comes back in to town but he is at “meetings” the the whole day, and anyway dont call us call the tax office i am told, but the tax office for years has been telling me its not their fault its the finance office who cuts the checks.

4 months after the interest date was calculated and i finally got my check!
(I am not talking of a small check, i am talking of checks in the 100-200k range, same story every time)
No wonder why Irvington is suffering, with such neglect and abuse for public service something big has to change, and it looks like mayor tony vauss is on the right path, he just might new to cut off some of the old heads that have old bad habits and are not ready to change.