Looking for Investor/ HML

Good Afternoon Everyone

I am looking for a HML or a investor for a 4 plex purchase in Henderson NV. The complex is bank owned and ready for sale. The complex is about 25 minutes from “the strip”. 2 units are 2 bedroom and 2 units are one bedroom.

I’m looking for 95k and willing to pay 10-15% percent interest. Open to any and all suggestions

Thank You

There is a list of hard money lenders listed on the left side of the page.

I am looking for something similar. The problem with the HML listed to the left is that they all have different areas in which they provide service. Not to mention none of the HML’s I have contacted will provide 95% LTV. How can we find an HML who is willing to provide a higher LTV? Is it possible to have mutliple fiancing options to cover the difference?


Sorry but HMLs won’t loan more that 70%, EVER!

Good luck!