Looking for Insurance!! please

Hi guys can anyone help me out
I am working on my first rehab and I have been droped
by my second insurance company.

The first one - extended my effective date well pass a month after I closed, and when the effective date arrived I was only going to covered for the purchase price of the property!

My second one just drop me on 1/29 -

my hard lender is force placing with some company, but I know he cost will be outrages… they have been extremely hard to work with ( but thats another topic all together

can anyone help

James C -

I don’t know what kind of property you are working on but this person may be able to help you - she is in AZ near phoenix but I think works in other states too
she can whip up the best prices for everyone I’ve sent her to for homes, rentals, manufactured etc. - works fast

Leslie Calvo
623 889-0502 (best to call)
ltcalvo at yahoo.com

btw - I don’t get a commission on this - she just does good biz
(tell her Candy sent you - I’ve known her since she was a baby which tells you I am 3 days older than dirt!)