Looking for HML in SW PA but dont know if I could get a loan

Ok I have fairly bad credit, and unfortunately dont have much cash. I have came across a home that is listed at a great price, have research the comps, have estimated the repairs. I have all sub contractors that I could possibly ever need, as I grew up in a construction family and have been running the business for the past 10 years. So would it be possible for me to get a HML with bad credit, no money on the numbers below? If so where should I look, I have checked most of the lenders listed on this site and my loan amount is too low for most or my credit is too low. How do I go about doing this, such as what terms to look out for and such. Thanks in advance for any advice that is given

$39,900 Listed Price
$40,000 repairs/upgrades

$ 155,000 comps in area

Your numbers look great. Let’s get you lined up with the right lender. Sending over an email with additional questions.