Looking for HML for Ohio

Good morning all,

I am currently looking at a foreclosure in my area. It is a lake property, which is a very wanted area. I have looked at the house, which it needs a lot of work to be sellable, but could definitely be turned around quickly after repairs. I had an estimator go with me through the house, and I was told that it would take about 15-20000 for needed repairs. My question is, how do I find an hml in Ohio that I could talk to, so I could get this property secured and make some money? Here are the numbers:

Asking price: 35000
appraised: 98000 ( as-is)
comps in area: 150-180000

Bank has owned for about a year. Very willing to get rid of it, hence the low asking price. Definitely a money maker, so any help would be appreciated!

Thank You,

For HMLs, try:


Hope this helps…