looking for help in San Antonio

If someone can reccomend or refer me to the “who I should consider working with” to do deals with. Properties with a 60% ARV
looking for help in San Antonio

I am in San Antonio, what kind of help are you seeking?

Hi Fadi,

Myself along with my 2 children will be coming to San Antonio. We plan to be there the first week of July. We will need to find a place to rent for the summer to give us some much needed time to become more familiar with which markets I should focus. However, I will want to act in a timely manner as far as doing deals.

Do you know of a place for us to rent for the summer or can you reccomend an area of town we should consider when deciding.

Rental: 2 bedroom min but 3 beds with a pool

I’ll need to work with a realtor who can advise me and show me some sales activity reports etc…

A Real Estate Attorney and Accountant

Thanks for responding

Stay in the north side of town, north central would be my first choice since it is near everything. In general, stay outside loop 410, don’t go inside it unless the area is nice.

Are you looking to rent for 2-3 months only? I am not sure you will find someone to rent you a house for couple of months, and 2 bedrooms are rare here, at least in the nice areas. I would look at Craigslist since it is mostly posts by investors and apt locators under for rent.

Realtors wise, I am one but I don’t like working as an agent for the obvious reasons :slight_smile: I can hook you up with one depending on what you are trying to accomplish and what type of reports. Attornies, accountants, investor friendly title companies are all around. Ping me when you get to town.