looking for hard money/private money lenders

I am new to real estate investing and currently am looking for hard money/ private money lenders. I have several properties that I have ran numbers on but have been having a hard time finding anyone that will even look at them.

Most properties are in the Seattle Washington area, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon.

Tried contacting several people listed on this site, but have not had any success either.

Any suggestions?


There are hard money / private money lenders all around you! With that said you need to be able to put a proper down payment in and have a proven exit strategy. You also must be buying right with the right ratio's and accurate cost estimates.

Why don’t you post an example of one of your contract offers and the costs you estimated and let us give you feed back, then if it looks like you know what your doing I will offer you some of my personal contacts.


Hey, guys - I’m new to this site. I need hard money loan for a owner occupancy condo. What are my odds. It’s a HUD foreclosure for $40,000., value of $70,000. Any ideas how to find one.


It is very hard to find a hard money lender who will loan on Owner Occupied Property.

With that said you might Google “Private Money Lenders” and see if you can find a company willing to provide owner occupied funding for some short term, probable 1 to 3 years.

Good luck,


Hi Raploof,

Hope all is well.I’m a independent financial consultant that works with a source that are partnered with a group of investors from USA, Europe and the Middle East. They fund film projects,music labels, startups, real estate and more. There is no upfront fees only after the project is funded. The company presents the investors with interesting business plans from around the world and work to get them funded.Terms and conditions are decided on an individual project basis. Projects in the past that the investors have funded include: solar projects, hydroelectric dams, restaurant chains, microfinance institutions, commercial and residential construction projects, energy purchasing and sales, and ecotourism projects. The company requires a business plan for each project, which the company then presents to the investor group. The private investors are able to provide financing and loans to projects quicker than traditional financial institutions and at competitive terms. Plus this company has a independent analysts that can quickly advise on a project approval. The privacy of the investors is paramount and as such the company cannot disclose the names of the investors until the negotiating process nears. Once the investors express interest in making a loan for the project, the company will make the introduction and connect the project owner directly to the investor office. At this point the project owner is free to negotiate and come to terms with the investor. I will need a business plan to start It takes around 45 days to close.