Looking for Hard Money Lenders

I’m currently looking for hard money lenders. I currently live in IL but I found some properties in the Albany, NY area that I’d like to rehab and rent out. Anybody here who can help me?
You can email me.
Or call me.
I’m a new investor and I’m really serious in doing this. I have good cash flow from my current job and I own an apartment blg. 4 plex and 2 SFH. Current credit score is 650. My wife’s credit score is 660. Both of us have jobs and we can go full doc if necessary.
Thanks to all and happy new year!

How are you? I have tried to contact you multiple times before. I am a conventional and hard money lender. I am also located in NY. If you want to talk, please let me know

I tried calling you. Nobody answered. You can call me at


I am just curious, where in the Chicago burbs are you?

Lake county, IL. Are you a lender?

Well yes, but I was mainly interested in that I am also an investor in the Chicagoland area with many connections and ties to the Lake county area.

I worked a HML with Rick at 4 R Management and they helped me out when I couldn’t find a HML that worked in the state of ND. There were many lenders that talked a lot and didn’t deliver when 4R did!