Looking for Hard Money Lender


I am finalizing the details for a Ft. Myers, FL condo (2br 2ba 2floors 1600 sqft). I have seller locked in at $140,000, identical units are selling now for $190,000. I need funds for the property, closing, and would like to do some modest remodeling to prep it for resale (carpet, tile, paint, cabinets) which can be done for about $10,000. My FICO is 630 and income $45k but am fairly new to the area (slightly under 1 year).

Closing needs to happen quickly. Seller is not Flexible with the price this low and comps so high. Suggestions, please?

J. Phillips

There are many brokers on this formum that you can contact

you can also go to investor resources on the left and contact them.