Looking for Hard Money in KY

I’m having a difficult time finding hard money in KY. I know Brookview does it but I don’t like the idea of dropping $400 just to not get it. Why can’t they just roll that cost into the Loan? Guess the don’t want to waist time.

I also worked with a group out of Texas twice but they have either gone under or don’t lend anymore.

Another group who lends in KY makes you have a lendable exit strategy. Well, if I could get the loan conventionally, I probably wouldn’t need hard money.

Just wondered if any of you in or around KY has worked with anyone.

If you’re approved with Brookview then we can only assume you’re fairly strong on income and assets. They take a range of credit scores so that would be important for everyone to know if you plan to get a referral.

There are thousand of investors stuck in HML right now because conventional guidelines ahve changed so much. HML dont want you getting stuck so they’ve changed around how they do business. At least most of them have anyway. Do you not have a lendable exit strategy? Why not just have a mortgage professional preapprove you for the refi?