Looking for funding 100% ltv

I have a multi- unit that I’m trying buy where can I find 100% financing on this deal?


Creatively you might convince the property owner (Seller) to wrap the property in your name, that is probable the only way you could get 100% financing!

This would still mean you would need closing cost’s (2% Average) and probable need sellers closing cost’s (2.5% Average) to pay for escrow and title work!

If your looking for new financing the lender is going to require you to have a minimum of 10% plus closing cost’s in the deal and even then you would have to convince the property owner (Seller) to carry a 2nd TD note for a minimum of 10 or 15 percent of property value! You still have to have your closing cost’s in this scenario at 2% of purchase price.

You could try to lease / option a multi unit but you don’t own it and the option consideration won’t be cheap!

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There’s probably only three practical ways you can get 100% financing.

The first is to buy the building cheap enough that the bank will fund 100% by making a portfolio loan. Or getting the seller to finance all, or part, of the transaction, that a bank won’t finance. Or third, taking title to the project “subject to” and refinancing the existing loans. The bank will finance up to 80% of the value, depending on the performance history of the property. The downside to refinancing is that lender often require the borrower to assume personal liability for the new loan.

I would contact a commercial loan broker and ask his advice on this.