Looking for Fix & Flips in Jacksonville - show me the properties!

Looking for 50 off market properties to fix and flip in the Jacksonville Florida.

50 fix and flips is a great goal. Are you taking the houses down yourself and managing the rehabs or wholesaling/partnering with people?

50 is a big number - I hope you have a trusted crew (or 4)

Here are some tips:

Understand Your Market’s Trends - isolating which areas in the market have the brightest outlook.

Survey All of Your Sources for Properties- Local MLS listings, HUD-owned properties, Trustee auctions

Focus on Cosmetic Issues - This can include outdated interiors or a lack of outdoor maintenance and landscaping.

Approach Motivated Sellers - Sometimes they are people who recently obtained real estate through probate, or even a divorcing couple needing to split their assets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pass - No matter how much potential home may have or how long you’ve searched to find it, don’t be afraid to simply walk away if you can’t come to mutually agreeable terms with the seller; there are always going to be other opportunities out there.