Looking for Financing

I currently own 3 houses. These are fixer uppers that I rehab and then sell. My problem is now my debt to income ratio is to high to acquire any more properties. my Credit score is 760 so that is not the issue. My past properties I have purchased with cash, then I get a equity line of credit on the property to complete the repairs. My questions: Is there a way to get a line of credit that does not show up on my credit report so I can continue to grow my company? How do others acquire so many properties? My average purchase price is around 100,000 with repairs costing 15-20,000. I am in Northeast Ohio.
I currently have 2 line of credits.

The property values of the 3 homes are:
275,000 under contract closing in July 06l
120,000 appraisal completed Feb 06
185,000 No appraisal completed
Where do I go from here to expand my business?

Thanks for the replies.

Do you have an LLC? Have you looked into business lines of credit?

No Doc loans or private/hard money loans may work.

I’d be happy to help. There are several lines of credit available with that kind of credit score. give me an email monday and i can send you some information.

When you say Northeast Ohio do you mean Cleveland? Many landers recently have stopped doing business in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you have been in business for at least 2 years you could qualify for a business line of credit, unsecured.

I would like to say something to all those loan officers who are just starting to post here and always seem to be “happy to help”. If you have something usefull to tell the investor who posts a question, please answer it in these forums or send them a private message if they request one. You need to realize that if they called all of you individually to find an answer to their question they would waste a lot of time. I understand you are hoping to find some loans from here, as we all are, but please don’t post a useless response like…“I can help you, pm me” That doesn’t help anyone. I’m sure these investors know that most loan officers in here can either do the loan for them or refer them to someone who can do the loan. Please offer beneficial information, and then if you so feel inclined, ask them to email you.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone here, I’m just trying to help keep this a place for investors to find answers to their financing questions, rather than it become just another way they can be bombarded with solicitations from loan officers.

Why not look at property in foreclosure as an investors.