Looking for correct forms

So I have been looking for the correct forms, or at least a base template to go off in order to make my transactions go a bit faster. I am looking for a lease option agreements, option agreements, and subject to forms. As well as any other paperwork or forms a up and comer would need in order to start off there career, and look and handle each step as professionally as possiable.

Thank you for all the help I have recieved thus far.


I’m new at this to, but I did see someone say the other night to go to a realestate Lawer…

Most courses that teach those techniques include the forms that you need to complete the transactions. I believe you can get some great courses right here on this site.

If it’s your 1st attempt, I would suggest finding someone to advise you who has done it already, and who might be able to supply you the forms. You may even want to partner with them to make sure all goes well.

In any case, you can find a lot of forms on the internet, try using Google. Here’s some on this site, although I don’t know which are there:


Wherever you end up getting them, make sure you have an attorney in your state check them out before you use them. Laws vary from state to state and you want to CYA. It’s good to have whoever would be representing you in a lawsuit be the person to approve them beforehand.


Try looking on this site. www.findforms.com

I hope this helps you.