Looking for buyers in GA, NC, SC

I have an agent in South Carolina that wants to be my point of contact for investment opportunities within South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

I told him this is what I would like to be notified of;
-Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial-If they are motivated that could be purchased at 65-70% of the FMV.
-Expired listings & listings that have not been put on the MLS yet.
-Rehab/fix ups at any level.
-Seller’s need to be motivate - like going through Pre-foreclosure, Divorce, Probate, Out of Town Owners, Vacant, Job Transfer etc. (Any reason they would need to sell fast and are negotiable on the price.)

So if anyone would like to know of properties that I find out about let me know what area you buy in, your buying criteria and contact info.

I may be relocating to NC in a few weeks. If you could pm me your contact info I can get a hold of you.

I buy in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. I can buy properties cash within a certain amount. My criteria changes based on the amount of the house and the area. High end deals require more equity than low end. I would love to hear more about what you are doing, feel free to email me if you are interested.


For anyone interested in properties in these areas IM your contact info and what your buying criteria is. This includes areas you buy, types of properties, amount of fix up you can handle, price range and if you can close with cash, have financing available or how you plan on purchasing the property.

When I find out about a property in the area you are looking for I will send the info I get about it.

If you have questions about what I am trying to do please re-read the first post. I’m looking for BUYERS that want to be notified of possible investment properties in GA, NC & SC

I’m sorry but a lot of people are asking and it sucks having to repeat myself to so many people.

Thanks! Have a great day!!!

Ok, here’s an update.
The agent is one of those that does not believe in or understand about creative financing/investing. He emailed me back saying that I was stupid to think anyone would sell for 70% FMV and that I should get a regular J.O.B instead of trying to take advantage of those “unfortunate people”. Then he goes on about being one of those late night T.V people thinking I’m gonna get rich etc etc

He must be having a bad day :cry:

Sorry to everyone that asked for leads. If going the route of using an agent to find properties, maybe you can find one in your area that is not such an AH*!!!

Sorry I wasted everyone’s time.

that agent’s an ass


How about looking for a fixer upper in Southern Ca- Orange County! I have a home in Lake Forest- great area- homes currently valued 850 to 900,000. The house has a mold problem ( estimated cost of repairs is 80 to 100,000 and I am looking for a buyer to buy it as is. Legal attempts for non disclosure have been ongoing and never ending and we just want out! got offered 650,000 for it from a contractor do you think I can get more? or take the money and don’t look back? last question , I was told that if a house has a mold issue or has been in legal issues that a buyer will not be able to get a loan from any bank unless contractor or investor? is this true? pamcern