looking for birddog in ATL

It’s hard finding off market deals. If I could find a couple of people that could recommend some ideas.

Haha, Mr Ruben. Welcome to Real Estate, where the art of persistence and being focused can hav big rewards.
Hell yea it’s difficult finding great deals, although I’ve had a few fall in my lap but most are a real struggle to find. I’m talking sifting thru hundreds of potential deals, listening to homeowners explain why they think their house shud sell for more than market value because they have upgraded mini blinds and an extra concrete pad on the side of the property.
If you can become detached from all the drama and really look at it as a numbers game without the emotions.
If you dont have a marketing budget you can start like I did, placing hundreds of ads on Craig’s List and driving crappy neighborhoods and collecting addresses of vacant junkers, I also recruited bird dogs.
Now I send out hundreds of letters and postcards each week to absentee owners, I put up bandit signs, I stil recruit bird dogs and place ads on CL.
Then ther is the mind training, learning to stay motivated and to persist, and most of all you got to want it with a passion.
Now get out there and kick some Real Estate ass.,