Looking for Bathtub Reglazing Co in Dallas

I have never had a tub or tile re glazed. I am buying a 1960’s house that has a pink tub and pink tile. This house will be resold and is not going to be a rental. I want to know about the cost of having this done. Also if somebody in Dallas has already done this I would like to know how it looked and held up. If someone could recommend a company that they are happy with it would be greatly appreciated

Use epoxy paint and paint it white. About a $50 fix for materials.

Do you spray it on? Or brush it on?

And does it look good (aka not have lines in it)?

DO NOT try this yourself. To get this to look right it should be SPRAYED on. I guess with a lot of talent and a lot of time you could do it. But…you can make a REAL MESS with this stuff. Would you paint your own car???

If you want the bathroom to look perfect hire a company to do the work. I usually have them paint the sink, tub, and toilet white, the wall tile tan, and the floor tile a darker shade of tan. When these guy’s leave, that bathroom will look like you ripped it out and started from the studs. All for about $1000, 1 day of work and NO LABOR on your part.

My local yellow pages has them listed under Glazers, Bathrooms, Painters, and Painters.

‘Oops I messed up’ is back. You can refinish your tub yourself, but only if it is cast iron coated tub, not a fiberglass tub. Fiberglass tubs hold heat better but are really cheap craftmanship.
Go to Lowe’s Home Improvement or Home Depot if can get waited on. In the Paint Department is Re-Nu Tub refinisher kit for about $15.00. Get a small box of TSP (trisodiumphosphate), and the rubber dish gloves for those office hands-TSP chaps hand severly. Make sure your tub has all the kids stickers off and anti-slip mat’s out. Dry tub completely…Tape all hardware you cannot remove to void over spray. Get you some #00 steel wool and #0 steel wool pads, and start scrubbing the whole tub till it looks dull. Take dry-vac clean out dirt. Take your steel wool #00, put on gloves, and dip in TSP solution, and start scrubbing again for about 10 mins. Again, clean out tub and towel dry. Take #0 steel wool and scrub again then back to #00 and TSP for final cleaning-vac and dry out. Now cover drain with tape closed. Wait 1 hour for tub to dry completely. Shake up your spray can or you can brush (but used a Purity/Wooster China hair Paint brush)-cost about $22.00 each. Start at the beyond point and work your way back toward you. Do not dip or brush back into the painted surfaces. Let dry as said on can. Repeat lightly with spray paint. Then do not let any water touch tub for 84 hrs min. After that you will have a cool white shinning tub that last for many years. Do not clean tub with harsh chemical like bleach etc. This will destroy finish. TSP diluted will clean anything safely in your home, and besides its cheap. Good luck first timers… :biggrin