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I feel lost. I have been working with a certain investor, that i gave my best shot to, and first dibs on all the properties i found, because he was also training me, which i paid for, but none of the deals i have found him, have worked out, for one reason or another. The profit was there, but he kept changing his offers.To make a long story short, i am now looking for all cash investors to work with, in the Dfw area, based on all cash, and tailored to their criteria. My money is running low to advertise, so i make my own bandit signs, and i will be putting out 100 per week, as well as mailing post cards to absentee owners. Can anyone give me any suggestions besides these ways, to find as many motivated sellers as possible. Once i have a sale or so, i will be able to spend more on advertising.

Sorry to hear your frustration with the relationship you have with your investor/mentor. To address your question about finding cash buyers, you may have answered your own question. When you get your list of Absentee Owners find out which ones are buying without a lender (many title companies can offer this data as well). The ones that are buying without lenders are cash buyers. You may also want to look at the ones that are using private financing as well as potential buyers.

Hope that helps.



Don’t give up. if you search this forum you will find many ideas on how to find cash investors. Good Luck!