Looking for an Investor

Good Morning everyone!

I hope this is the right place to start…if not, please feel free to tell me and I won’t get offended.

My wife and I are a growing family and we have a home for sale. We are looking to get out of it soon. It is in an area that favorable to renters and can bring in some profit if someone buys it to rent out.

Where do I begin to find a possible investor? We have it for sale, but i’m not sure if investors look there to find good deals.

Please let me know where to start or heck, even if you know someone looking in the Columbia/Lexington area for a nice investment home.

Thank you guys in advance! Hope to hear from you all soon!


I am going to express only my view as there may be a few people here who would do differently, however probable not many.

As an investor I don’t want to pay retail which basically says if your home is worth $100k I am not going to pay anywhere near that. Typically I have never bought a property in a good growing economy for more than 78 cents on the dollar, this means for me I won’t pay more than 78% of FMV.

In almost 34 years I have never ever paid more than 78% on any 1 to 4 unit property for a rental.

When I am wholesaling I only want to pay 70% of FMV for a pristine, in good condition updated property with no defered maintence.

I am going to guess since this is your family home that unless your under financial diress you do not want to sell for less than retail and if you have it for sale through a realtor they want to get you the most for your home.

If your home is worth $100k and you will sell it for less than $75k then your in the right place.

But I will bet you want retail, I always want retail for my properties if I have my choice when selling them!

Good Luck,


Craigslist, trulia, postlets, zillow, facebook. You can advertise for free on all of these sites and some investors spend a lot of time crawling all of them.

If you have had the property on the market for a fair amount of time and haven’t gotten any feedback in the form of offers, most likely the property is priced high enough where it wouldn’t make sense to buy for any investor…

If you are selling it by youself Miller mentioned just about all the popular places to list it for free…

Try selling it with an agent if that is not the case…

You could also potentially increase the amount of investors going through the house if you are willing to finance the sale of the property yourself… You could sell for a higher price and have interest paid to you if you owner finance it…

Would you be willing to collect a monthly check?

Hello,if you want to sell your property then there are several options for advertising it like place an ‘classified ad’ of your property on the websites which are promoting near to your area,you can also use social media techniques like share property details on Facebook, Twitter, Pintererst, Google plus etc.There you will find various property buyers and you will get a quick reply.Hope this helps.