****Looking for advice or a loan of my own to make it work*****

I have a realtor who contacted me to assist him in finding a buyer for his listing. I found him a buyer.

The buyer wants to pay me to get a lower price on the listing that the realtor is offering. I called the agent; told him I have a buyer and told him the price the buyer wants to pay. The realtor asked the seller if he would consider the price and the seller agreed on the price.

So now the realtor has his buyer. The seller doesn’t know that I am involved in the deal. The buyer doesn’t know that there is a realtor involved. The realtor doesn’t know the buyer is paying me to help him get the deal.

So how can I structure this whole deal so it works out right? The buyer also wants more info, comps, the address etc before he goes forward. Do I provide him with the address?

Basically how do I structure this whole thing so that way I can introduce everyone to each other and I get paid? What documents are needed? What is the step by step procedure? :eyecrazy:

Hello, It sounds like you brokered a deal. Can you explain a little bit more in detail what you did?