Looking for advice on evaluating rental properties

I am looking to purchase a rental property. Does anyone have some advice in determining criteria for buying a rental property? I look at it from these 3 points:

  1. Does the property price and current rental rates create a positive cash flow if financed 100%?

  2. What is the growth potential of the city in which you are looking?

  3. What major industries are located nearby which contribute to the citys’ economic structure? ie: Good job growth, population growth, etc.

Does anyone have other comments or imput? Most appreciated!

good questions.

1.i look for breakeven on the rents with 10% down.
2. i look for historical house prices.[what happened in past 5 years, 10yrs, 25 years]
3. tax and insurance rates.
4. unemployment and job growth figures.
5. population growth figures.
6. is the local government pro-growth
7. is their a limit on available land or can you build out for fifty miles in each direction