Looking for a Sub2 to live in...in CA

Hi All. I have done alot of reading before asking this. Is this something that you would advise to do right now? If yes, under what circumstances? If no, at what time would you do it? TIA!


I would buy “subject to” if there was equity in the property. No equity no way. The more equity you have the more prone I would be to buying it especially if the loan can be covered by incoming rental income.

(grin) all those people who are badly upside down on their mortgage will be begging you to take their place subject to.

I would think that a lot of sellers who have a mortgage that is close to (slightly lower than) the new value of their house would be happy to sell subject to because there are so few retail buyers out there. If they have to sell, there is nobody to buy.

It will be more work to find a place with a lot of equity and buy it subject to. However, even when the market was screaming hot, it was possible to find those sellers, so it should be easier in this market of slow sales.

Be aware that the bank can call the mortgage due if they find out. Whether they actually will or not is your gamble.

Has anyone find out whats needed to be put on the contract inorder to protect investor especially with this lender or Banker requesting payoff. Something that can be put on the contract when deed is changed to investors name. Someone must know something since a lot of investors are doing this subject to. thanks.

Its in my contract…