Looking for a realtor

I need to find a realtor that has experience working with investors. I’ve had one tell me already that I shouldn’t even thing of offering even 10k less then the asking price. We didn’t go see a house yet.
I need some advice on picking one that will work for me. I’m a newbie, but I know enough not to pay FMV.
Please help.


Hi aggflo,

Seems like I’ve heard this before. I’m a Realtor and an investor. I represent many investors. I’m in Indiana. Where are you?


I’m a realtor and new to investing. I’m in NJ if that helps at all.


I would join a real estate investor club in the area. They have the right kind of realtors as well as contractors, and finance companies all over the place there.

I’M in Ct. I like what you said Blue, join the rei club.


:)I am realtor & and investor as well. Over 10 years of experience. I am located N Marietta, GA area.

Sharen Fatha/REALTOR