Looking for a realtor on West Coast of FLorida

My buddy is planning on relocating from Ft lauderdale to West Coast Fl and is looking to buy a new home. Open to Port Charolette upto Venice area. Mainly looking for a home on a salt water lot in an excellent school district as he has a 3 and 5 yr old. This is for a longterm buy, not investment, but it still needs to be a deal.

Looking to spend no more than $220K cash including rehab money. He has no problem with older home as he rather rehab it so it is how he wants it anyway unless new and nicely updated.

Must be a 4/2 or 3/2 with den (he needs an office to work out of) Must be excellent area as well…

Interested in QUICK easy sale, let me know. He just resigned from his job and they asked him to stay on till June 14th but he may leave by June 1st and wants to find something before the 14th of JUne.

REOs are best …NO SHORT SALES to time consuming…

Have you tried posting an ad on the florida craigslist? Should be easy to find realtor there. how good they are is another story though

Craigslist is loaded with crap realtors who have no clue about markets. It is amazing, you want to buy a home for cash and realtors do not want to pick up phones or show you what you want. You ask for apples and they are bring Lettuce.

I talked with several over last 2 weeks, not one was competent. I like to find a seasoned one. I am dangling a $7500 commission check and no one wants it, this is what is wrong with people today, no one wants to work, just collect a damn check.

Everyone’s on the socialism train. WOO WOO!!!

Still a deadbeat president in office and thats what you get. LAZY people looking for handouts. REALTORS are waiting for there bailout funds too from TARP i think.

Time to stop giving everyone $$$$$…tell them to go get a damn job… and all people collecting funds from the govt should be subject to drug testing, even the CEOs…we know plenty are coke heads or something