Looking for a private lender

Im looking for a lender to fund a mortgage here’s the scenario:
primary residence located in Eustis FL, 1500 sq ft modular home built 2002 with a 2400 sq ft commercial grade garage, on 1.5 acres, appraised @ $300K, income verifiable spouse income stated, median fico 534. need 85% - 100% financing. Tradional lender declined due to comparables on appraisal not modular homes (there are none in the area that have sold recently) or because of the garage. Was supposed to close 12/1 sellers allowed us to move in & are willing to hold 2nd mortgage for $30K. Any suggestions?


There are some wholesale lenders out there that will allow what is called an AVM. Which basically means they look at tax values and other variables to arrive at the value of the property. This may be just what you are looking for because if the AVM arrives at a suitable value the lender will not even require a drive-by to look at the property. What is the loan amount you are looking for?

no less the 85% LTV (no less than $255K preferably $270K)