Looking for a Mentor, Orlando FL

I’m 22 - Just bought my first home on my own, and I’m probably the most excited person I know (my age) about getting my feet wet in my first investment property.

I’ve been doing my homework (mostly books and some seminars) for about the last 7 months. However now, Its time to get MOVING!

I find my biggest challenge is my age. It was not easy to buy a property at 22. Everyone said I was still “too young.” People who are in foreclosure wonder WHY they should trust someone 10-20 years younger than them with a way out. And yet still others laugh when I say, “I’ll do my second Real Estate deal by the end of 05’.”


When it comes to coaching and mentoring you will find a multitude of programs with all different options but do consider a few factors.

True coaching and mentoring is better served in your area - learn about your market area and than interview the potential coach or mentor about your market area to truly provide you proper coaching and or mentoring one needs to know your local market.

Sometimes you will find a coach or mentor at your local REI club or even doing volunteer work with one or two of the top realtors in your area that are active investors themselves.

True mentoring is taking you by the hand and walking you through all the steps.

I had the privilege to work with a vary large real estate guru many years ago and he took me on a tour of his coaching facility on the west coast and what I saw was a sea of vary young people with headsets on taking incoming calls, typing questions into the computer and using flip charts to provide answers to investors and the odds are not one of these coaches has ever done a real estate transaction and the cost at the time was just under 2k a year.

This is not a knock on any gurus system, but you need to try and find a coach that can teach you from experience as it will help you avoid a few pot holes along the road of real estate investing.

Many put a price as the deciding factor of an education and this is an error because the cost of ignorance is much greater.