Looking For A Mentor In Oregon

Hey guys and gals,

I’m new here and new to investing. I’ve worked in other areas of the housing market, (ie… building and demolition), but I’ve never started investing until now. Just got done taking a 25hr course which was fun and informative, but I would still like to shadow someone that is working in the field, for a couple deals, so I can get the hands-on experience while I make my wobbly knee stumble forward out of the gate. Would anyone be interested in helping a newbie get it right the first time? Thank you.

If you took a 25-hour training, why aren’t you hitting up the trainers for mentoring?

Otherwise, no, nobody wants to babysit you in return for nothing. Nobody has that kind of time, or wants that kind of competition for themselves regardless of where you’re located.

But since you’ve asked, let me ask… “What have you done to start?” Please don’t tell me you’ve set up an LLC and a website.

Here’s a hint: Start by finding a deal. This will require knowing market values in your farm area.

You should already know how to do that.

You didn’t say why you’re investing. Cash flow? Long term appreciation? Short term appreciation? A combination of both? Wholesaling? Rehabbing?

How are you financing your deals?

What happens when you run out of down payment money?

Are you willing to learn how to make creative financing offers that effectively eliminate credit, down payment and income qualifying?

Do you know why you want to limit your offers to motivated sellers?

Do you know that the only reason to deal with agents is to get a crack at their pocket listings?

Well that’s about all the mentioning he will ever need. I will also add put skin in the game and hit up rando. He will 50\50 with you and spoon feed you.

Thanks for all the kind words guys, and I mean that for at least one of the responses so far. Jay, you are right though, I don’t need a mentor. Simply looking for a little professional courtesy, in trade for leads if I come across more than I can deal with on my own. I learned plenty in the 25hrs of training I’ve had so far, and I continue to research. I’ve found the answers I needed through reading posts and simple google searches in my area. To answer at least a few of your questions, I am wholesaling to build cash flow and contacts as I start working toward rehabs. Some of which I’ll turn into passive income, and others which will help me build toward commercial, so I can open the charity I’ve been working on.