Looking for a HML / Creative Lending program for Investing Group

I would like to hear from anyone who has a real / legit financing program for 70-80% arv with a 6mo+ term and favorable rates.

we have a group here in IN that is concentrating on Rehabs and in need of a great program. Please let me know

I’m interest in the lines of credit that you provide for investors. Can you please email me with more details about this. Thank you in advance.

Care to share more on what exactly you’ll be needing? Back in July you needed the following:

We'd be generally buying in bulk.. 5-6 at a time. Most with a purchase price in the range of 32-50 and ARV of 80-120. I'd be interested in hearing your bulk blanket loan programs. with the minimum of 250k, are you able to loan beyond the purchase price for rehab costs? I can provide full doc, as well as my partner.

Most of these purchases would be in a habitable state (by at least someone) :slight_smile: Some will require complete remodel, and some are simply cosmetic. Cash flow on these properties are rather attractive. a 40k house should cashflow ARV around $150-250/mo

Stil the same needs?

There are 2 conventional & 1 hard money 80 ARV options offered in IN—I’ll PM you with more info…


Scott Miller