Looking for a good system or training.

Hi, I’m looking for some programs/systems that deliver all the information, forms, steps to take and what if’s that you need to understand and implement the stratagies they promise, not just enough to get you in trouble and land in hard knock heaven.
I will be attending a boot camp in the near future but haven’t decided which one or who’s.
Robt. Allen - Ron Legrand - etc.
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I would read everything on this site before you invest in expensive bootcamps (just my opinion). You will be able to weed out the junk from the gold and decide for yourself. I have nothing against bootcamps (never been to one), but I do buy 2 or 3 courses every year to see how others approach this game and how they operate. I always manage to learn something or am reminded of something no matter what the course. I find, again my opinion, that most fall short of what is promised or perceived to be promised I should say. However, if your reminded of something or learn something new then it is still to your benefit. Read the articles here then ask about specific authors. I have been less than impressed by most courses except for the two I have purchased here. In any event, You will then know what direction you want to take and who’s course or bootcamp to take and/or attend.

Good Luck


First off, I will say I have never been to “bootcamp” or seminar, but been doing RE stuff for more 10 yrs. I learned it by asking lots of people lots of questions as well as spending a lot time reading. There is TONS of FREE information out there and plenty of people who will answer your questions (like this website). Before you drop a couple grand, go spend a $100 or so at Borders and buy a few books and read then front to back. Sound boring? Sure, but no bootcamp or seminar will turn you into an overnight RE guru. Learn the basics, ask lots of questions and then get some experience by starting slow and easy. The key to Re (IMHO) is being able to spot deals, execute and then solve problems. Thats a tall order, but you don’t learn this in 3 days.

Also, check the posting just a few days ago here on this site about a lady and husband who spent $8,000 on a bootcamp and were very unhappy.

The good thing about RE is there is ALWAYS deals to found regardless of your investment style.

In closing I will say think about how long it wilkl take you to earn the money to pay for the bootcamp (remember Uncle Sam takes 20-35% of your income in taxes before you get it) and then consider reading a few books over a couple weeks to figure out what you want to do in RE.

Thanks for your input. I am reading Ron Legrand’s Quick Turn RE and several e-books through the internet and articles on this site, realestatelink.com and Investorpro.com, listened to various conference calls and have received alot of info from them. There are some questions I have to get answered with that last piece of info, form or other to complete a transaction. I have started attending two REI clubs and hope to find info through networking.

Do any of you have experience with Mentorships through these gurus or have you found that mentors through your REI club was more beneficial? Have you had any mentors from this or other sites that you can share with me?

What have been your experiences with probate props?

I am looking at a property in California that is up for $10 million and has been for some time. I thought about offering $6 m and do a quick flip for $7-$8 m. Any suggestions on how to work this deal so I don’t have to come up with the cash or loan?


In regard to the CA property, the most obvious would be to get a partner, as I assume you meant none of YOUR money. Also have an exit strategy in place before you buy. There were too many blanks in your post to give you a better answer. :o

dude, going after a $10M on your first deal is a bit much. Unless you got some rich friends you will lend you money AND experience bying ans selling multi-million dollar properties, you probably should consider a nice ordinary property in some nameless neighborhood as a good starter project .

hey i wouldnt try to wholesale or quick flip it, i would see if i could get an option on it…by that i mean see if you could sell it for a specific amount, and if you sell it for higher, then you would get the difference.


if its been on the market for awhile its probably undesirable. what makes you think you can make it more desirable, especially by not doing anything to the property?
if you’re looking to tie it up for a double escrow, you might need to put in the contract that you have the right to market it during the escrow period.