Looking for a good cheep post card company

Any advise would be great

check overnightprints.com

One that I use and I’m very impressed with price and speed is.


Do you get these companies to send them too?

I haven’t, I just get them printed and I send them out myself. They seem very reasonable to have them send them out for you.

How about .0275 per card without postage? Make your own. Download the software at www.knvb.com One time for about $25? You can make all the pcs you want. You never want to commit to a huge mailing with an untested post card. Experiment with 50-100. I guarantee you will find something in it you will want to tweak and you will be happy you didn’t commit to hundreds or thousands of them.

Print a landscape template four to an 8.5X11 sheetand go to your local self service office supply and print them on 65lb colored ( I love harvest gold) paper which they provide. Cut them there yourself with their cutter. Take them home and create a mailing list using EXCEL for labels. Print the labels, stick on a stamp and you are good to go. Simple and cheap.


design and print and mail as few as one or however many you want color or black and white or artwork you upload
you need to uplad as a csv file though your list


frequentflyerz.com. Great prices, they’ll design the cards for you (if you want) and I believe will mail them as well.

Big Cheese