looking for a creative title company and attorney...advice please =)

Hey everybody!!! I have my marketing strategy and market research down. I should start marketing soon but i need to find a creative title company…what do i mean when i say creative? Im talking about a title company that is familiar with double closings, assignment contracts, and any other creative deal that involves different contracts and outside the box thinking. I also need a creative real estate attorney that works well with investors too. Somebody that is familiar with all kinds of contracts…Well im in San Antonio Texas. any referrals??is there a good online search? is it best to just comb through the yellow pages and call all of them? or should i go to a local rei club and get referrals? hmmmm

thanks guys, really appreciate it


I think you’ll have more luck if you post this question here:

____ I am not out there yet but SERIOUSLY considering San Antonio by febuary, How are things looking out there? I was going there to try to get CASH POSITIVE rentals? Are there any signs of PRICE INCREASES?

Hello, I would suggest asking your local REI club.