looking for a bird dog to find me properties.

hello,I am looking for a bird dog to find me properties and and buyers.The type of properties i am looking for are relocation,foreclosure,divorce,turnkey,handyman etc… If any one you know or you can send me properties like these i will get them under contract and once the deal is closed and the house is sold i will pay you for you work.

Really, what area are you in? Are you a wholesaler, Rehabber, Landlord? You got any cash for these deals?
How soon can you close? How do I know I can trust you and that you will pay me.
How will I know if an address I sent you was purchased and sold?
You want fixers or turn key? You want MLS Properties or FSBO’s
How much will you pay me?

Yeah, well you’re gonna be waiting a while for that kind of qualifying.

Bird-dogs don’t hunt that deep. That’s your job to determine motivations. The bird-dog’s job is to scare up addresses.

***And what Randoskie said. :beer

Here’s how to find real estate bird dogs:

  1. Network at your Local Real Estate Investor Association meetings.
  2. Use online ads such as Craigslist
  3. Ask your family friends, and neighbors
  4. Use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn