looking for a better way to locate key properties for my work

I have spent the last year locating specific properties that meet my needs through a mess of multiple websites, google maps, and agents. I am wondering if there is a service or program out there that can search commercial and non-commercial properties across the U.S. with key words that would narrow down properties that fit my needs. For example, I am currently looking for properties bellow $1million, border interstates, and have billboards or cell towers on site. So, if there is something out there that could search key words such as (“billboard” or “interstate”) that I have not come across yet I would love to know about it. This could range from a service to a paid program. Ideally I am looking for something that can search most of the U.S. without designating me to a city or state. I figured this would be the place to ask


Other than continuing manual research I do not believe anything even remotely exists that will define those parameters!


Hire a broker, he or she will do such things in a better way, because that’s his/her job.
They have more knowledge than us.

Consider hiring professional bird dogs. They specialize in finding potential properties in your area.

I think only manual search or agents can help in this matter