Looking best direction

I’m looking for some advice. I have had a pretty rough couple of years and have decided to move forward in REI. My fico is terrible, and I am looking for a 9-5, told you it’s been a bad couple yrs. My question is what is my best direction to go, do I work an Option? I have the ability to place a few hundred to purchase the option. Or would it be possible to qualify for hard money to pilot the deal that way. I live in the northern midwest, (Home of the Packers) Homes here sell for an average 120-150, that number may be a bit higher in spots but not much. The economy has been good but the market is now flooded with for sale property. Please help me out.

Does anyone have a hard money lender they think would work with a terrible fico.

Many hard money lenders don’t look at your FICO. I think it’s worth talking to a few and see which one will give you a pre-approval.

The nice thing about using HML when you’re new is that they force you to find really abnormally great deals or you don’t get the loan. So you eliminate the common mistake of over paying on your first few properties. Over paying is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the beginning.

You will probably need to call many different HML to find one that doesn’t require any money down and doesn’t care that your fico score is terrible. When you find one they will want you to have a really great deal if you have a bad fico and aren’t putting any money down.