lookinf for end buyers

Hello, my husband and I specialize in doing short sales. We are trying to put together our end buyers list. Does any do, or know of any wholesaler’s in the chicagoland area. Thanks :help

I sent you a PM. I am in the greater chicago area.

I am also in Chicago.

I would suggest that you get out to some of the local REI Clubs. Best bang for the time that you have. You could spend hours calling all the ads in the papers to get a few. Or you can head to a local club and in 2 hours get over 100 potential buyers.

There are many clubs local to Chicago. This site has a bunch listed if you look to the left for Real Estate Clubs under the Investor Resources heading. I am preferential to the WCRT, but the CCIA can also be good as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding end buyer financing? Has anyone experienced any issues with seasoning and quick closes? Any suggestions and or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!