Look of the siding on a rental property

I just purchased a property that I want to rent it out.
Some parts of the wood siding are rotten at the bottom 1-2 inches, and the color is faded (white)
I want to just put some chalk and paint it a different color.
I would like to know if anybody have experience renting a house that did not look new on the outside.
The rent most likely will come from section 8, if that helps any

Rentals don’t have to look new to be rented to Section 8 tenants (or other low income tenants). However, they do need to look reasonably nice if you want to attract decent tenants. If you’re only talking about a few boards, you could definitely repair the damaged area and repaint.

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I want to just put some chalk and paint it a different color.

I’m not sure what you’re wanting to do here-- are you wanting to caulk the 1-2 inches and paint over it in a different color? Will it be the same as the rest of the siding?

We always make repairs properly-- not always the most expensive way :smile If you’re most concerned about whether the place will rent, then yes-- any place will rent if the price is right. But offering a property for rent is kinda like fishing… different types of bait will attract different types of tenants and if it looks crummy, you may not like dealing with the tenants you catch.

On the other hand, if the repair looks okay when you finish, it doesn’t really matter whether you spent $10 or $1000. :cool