Lonnie's books and courses

Hey everybody,

I’ve been lurking awhile on here and have gotten a lot of info. I was looking about buying Lonnie’s books and wondered if anyone had bought his 2 books and his course. Where all 3 helpful or would DOW be enough to buy.

Also I don’t know that much about seller financing. Is it spelled out pretty clearly in his books? Are there any books that you know of that goes into detail about the risks of providing financing and limiting them.


Order the books. I only ordered one and that was Deals on Wheels. It explains everything that you want or need to know to get started in these money making deals. I ordered his book (30 bucks) and 8 months later I have bought and sold 5 mobile homes via owner financing. Get the book.


When I first started investing, I bought Deals On Wheels and it was one of the best investments I made. His book is very easy to read and simple to follow. He makes understanding mobile home investing very simple.

Hope that helps you,
Patti Porter

dosen’t most of the info deal with mobile homes in parks
not affixed to lot?

That’s correct.


I buy houses, preferably cheeep. I bought Lonnie’s books to find techniques which might apply to lo-budget houses. It worked.
Buy the books, buy the course, buy whatever he wants to sell, send him some more money with a thank-you note. The man is an aw-shucks genius.
No, he don’t pay me to say this.

Good luck


sounds like good advice
will do
thanks :cool: