Loft style apartment or traditional apartment for long term investment?

Hello everyone,
Whats up? Hope all is well. I am newbie here in this forum. My name is Dennis and I have a question and need you guys expertise. So I am in Boston and planning on investing in real estate. I have always been a big fan of loft style apartment (the modern apartment converted from Industrial building). But I’m not sure how good the investment will be, I will also live there so I am more concern about the overall value of the apartment instead of the profit from renting out. Here is the pros and cons I can think of, any thought?


  1. Modern style, I’m not a big fan of old-fashion style building.
  2. Spacious: That’s their selling point pretty much.
  3. High Ceiling: fresher air
  4. Generally in good location
  5. Good maintainance and security
  6. New: Loft style building is usually within 5 years old.


  1. higher utility bill due to bigger space
  2. Unknown future about how the market will respond to loft style apartment

When it comes to buying real estate for your personal use, chose a style that suits you like the loft apartments. The future resale value will hardly offset your dissatisfaction if you invest in a more “conventional” living arrangement.

There will always be buyers looking for loft apartments so when choosing this style, focus on location, security, dues and other amenities that make the area appealing. Work with a local real estate agent to chose a location that has good market appeal.