Locating property out of state

What are some tools i can use to locate potential properties out of state for flipping, wholesaling, and etc.?

Now i have some contacts in the state that im interested in just need to find more information on finding the right deal.

Thanks so much for ur respones

I’m being totally serious when I tell you that the best tool you have is a phone. Have you tried calling a Realtor? What state(s) are you interested in?

I frequently buy of out of state, but only in areas I have lived before. The main area I’m active in, I have a great team in place on the ground, but it has taken several years and a lot of effort.

Regardless of where you buy, you MUST understand your market. This is can be difficult for out of state buyers and why they frequently overpay for stuff. Having friends in the area is helpfully, but unless they are experienced investors, their usefulness can be limited.