Locating Motivated Sellers

[b][/b]How do go about locating seriously motivated sellers? Are there ways aside from the 'bandit signs?" I rarely see FSBO or ‘must sell’ ads in the local newspapers (here in the S.F. area). I want to get started wholesaling, but I do not know how or where to begin. Thank you for any suggestions.

Ah, San Fran what a great place to own a home. Do people get divorced over dar? Do ya know a good lawyer or two? Dem houses er mighty expensive. Here’s a crazy idea that just might work. I done it a time or two. First, let me appologize if I offend any elderly folk. Do you know how to search property tax info? Great, look for property owners selling who you would bet money are 65+ years old. Think about this market segment and address their needs. Many are looking for income. I’ve had some luck negotiating seller financing with very good terms. I structure the offer to include a small down payment, typically enough to cover real estate commish and costs. The mortgage payment creates cash flow for seller and I. I’ll do a rent to own with a 2-3 year lease term. Tenant gets in with a 5% minimum down payment. These are some of the most fun deals to me.

Keep your eyes open.