Locating buyers

Which works best? Creating a website to attract buyers and gather pertinent information or dedicated number/calling system?



 You know the information age can be a great thing when your business warrants adding technology.

First you can create a web site, but you and I know unless you market it, no one will come, no matter how good it is, if people don’t know about it; it certainly can’t help your business.

Now there again when you pay for a phone system you have to have a way to give your phone number to the public, now this is somewhat easier and if your business warrants having a number you can get word out by bandit signs, banners, flyers, free ads, etc. However this requires some minimal budget and a dedication of time every week, every month until your established, and then more dedication to maintain your public impression!

In reality if you believe it warrants one, then do both as the time to advertise and market your business benifits both types of communication mediums!

Good luck,


Boy oh boy, we sure have beat this topic with a stick. lol.

Get you a few craigslist accounts. Most of then are phone verified these days so you will have ot have 2 phone numbers. Use your cell and home number. And post away. They will respond back. If you need a script let me know. :anon