Locating buyers?

So how does everyone find buyers for wholesaling? Newspaper ads or what?

Any investors around Canton, Ohio or anyone have some good ones they would share? That may be shady business but I need somewhere to start.

Look for your local real estate clubs. That is how I found mine

The only one in my area costs like $300 to join…would be worth it if I had it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well. I would ask if I could set in a meeting or 2 and then talk to a bunch of the buyers

$300 is ‘chump change’ compared to the value of the contacts that you’ll meet. Get in and network! You’ll get your $300 back on the first deal that you wholesale…and then some.


Well you could always look for ads in the yellow pages —Under Real estate— You might find several ads going by the tune of “fast cash for homes” or something similar …(I actually got couple a buyers whom I now work with everytime I have a wholesale from yellow )


i find from some of the posts mainly the bird dog ones ///i get the thought the posts are from people who do not have one dime to invest in themselves ??

so thet are basicly penneyless and want to get into the real estate game what would you say to them ??

Set new life prioroties, manage your money tightly, sell your useless toys, stop watching so much TV, get asecond job, and save up…meanwhile, work on fixing your credit!! It might take a while but it is so much easier…

I spent 20 years in the military working for peanuts – and put money in the bank every month…

The gurus will tell you differently but it is so much easier to have some cash, some credit, and/or some creativity!


It is really easy to find buyers, I dont know about anybody else but I dont care how new someone is to the game or how broke they are if they come to me with a deal, and its good, then sign me up.

Before you try to find buyers though be sure that you know the ins and outs of your marketplace, the last thing you want to do is get a good buyer and then show him a bunch of crappy homes that too you look like the deal of the year, then he thinks whats this guy smoking.

If you do know your market, buyers should not be a problem to find at all.

Eric Medemar