local reiclub?


Can anyone tell me what takes place at a local reiclub meeting? How it usually works and just the in and outs of what might take place. I’m looking in to going to one and jus wanted to get some insight as to what I might expect. Thanks!

Other investors bring wholesale deals there
lots of passing out your card just meeting other investor’s

networking and they normally have a featured speaker
speakign on a number of different real estate investment topics

The IMPORTANT part of the meeting is the time before and after the meeting, when you have the opportunity to meet and talk with the SUCCESSFUL investors in the area. Show up very early and leave late. Make friends with the SUCCESSFUL investors. These new friends will be happy to help YOU.

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Two other investors and I actually started a REIA in Stuart, Florida called FINA the Florida Investors Networking Association.

Most REIA’s are dedicated to providing a networking and educational forum for their members. The most valuable things you can get out of a REI club is to meet other investors and initially listen to the voices of experience. Not all members will want to speak with you or share information but I don’t know an investor worth his salt that will turn down a free lunch. We have a segment called invite an investor to lunch. It provides a good educational experience for newbies and experienced investors alike.

Without question a good REIA is the place to begin your real estate career.